Battle Ground, WA


I did an outreach in Battleground, WA this weekend. I was stoked to be so close to home and sharing Jesus. This was a tough event for myself & the crew who invited me out. These guys did a great job with running the contests and having give-aways through out the day. The skate park was a huge concrete mass that had everything you would want to skate on. I had my humble flatland surface on a stage near by where I skated and shared my heart. The crowd for the most part was tough, with somewhat of a “locals only” attitude, which I completely understood. We were outsiders coming in to preach the Gospel.

God used us, and Liz and I were able to pray and connect with a whole bunch of kids and adults throughout the day. Our ministry had more to do with us being relational and caring, not so much to do with being a Pro skateboarder with a bag of tricks and a message from stage.

All for Jesus!
Tim B.

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  1. Jason Throop


    Thank you so much for coming out and sharing you heart about Jesus! Your words were true and not watered down. I loved how you spoke truth into the lives of these kids and just showed them the truth about GOD’s love!! Being from Battle Ground my whole life, the “locals” only thing is pretty much spot on. But for me, that’s why it is important that we hold this event here! I love being apart of it, and it was amazing to see someone with your skills, and your heart for GOD to come out and just speak into a hurting and lost generation. Thanks again for always following God and what he places in front of you. May God continue to bless you and your family and your ministry!!

    P.S. I’m glad I didn’t have to throw any kids off the stage for you!! lol

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