Tim Byrne, has been in full time ministry for over 20yrs. He is a world renowned Pro Freestyle Flatland Skateboarder. Skateboarding in a small 8×8′ section on stages all over the world. Tim has shared the love of Jesus Christ with hundreds of thousands of people. When bringing Tim to your city/town please keep in mind that you are bringing in a person that has been used by God in amazing ways and is very passionate about proclaiming the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

To put it bluntly ; “Tim isn’t a Pro Skateboarder who happens to evangelize. He is an evangelist that happens to be a Pro Skateboarder.”

Tim is considered to be one of the best Pro Freestyle Skateboarders in the world. Because Tim can skate virtually anywhere, bringing him in to your next event/outreach is very low cost and maintenance. His ability to communicate the Gospel is what makes him the complete package for your next outreach.

Whether you have skaters in your group/audience or not, his story about the power of God’s love and how he gave his life to Jesus will captivate any audience.

Over the years Tim has had the privilege to partner with 900+ Churches in reaching their communities for Christ. Tim is also part of the Luis Palau’s NGA Alliance. Tim and his wife Liz are both involved in full time ministry at home in Portland, Oregon.

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“You don’t want to miss the message that Tim calls his audience to hear and consider.  This man, Tim Byrne, speaks not only with passion, but with hope for a better today and a bright tomorrow, for those who follow Christ.”
Dr. Tim Robnett

“I have had the privilege of knowing Tim Byrne since the early 2000’s, and I have truly admired his passion for sharing the gospel and the way he uses his talents to connect with people. It’s captivating and challenging. He’s a great witness for Christ!”
 James Mead

 (Musician) Kutless


“I first met Tim and his wife, Liz, while we were filming our “Livin It” film, and for the last 15 years Tim has been a key partner evangelist in our festivals around the world- doing over 70 events with us! I love Tim’s passion for Jesus and for kids. He is the ‘real deal’- a true servant who is willing to give his whole life to see others experience the saving grace of Jesus.”
Kevin Palau, 

President, Luis Palau Association


“Tim is talented, gifted but most importantly anointed to use skate and story with purpose. He speaks deeply to those that a pastor behind a pulpit cannot.”
Eric Samuel Timm

Orator / Artist / Author / Visionary


“Tim Byrne is a breath of fresh air. When he preaches the gospel he brings life to people who are broken and hurting. Without a note of condescension he is able to lift young people out of addictions and anxieties by showing them how powerful Jesus is. On many occasions I have seen Tim move people to God through story and proclamation. It is clear to me that Tim knows God’s love in Jesus Christ and he is competent to express that divine love in the power of the Spirit.”
J. Richards
Keble College, Oxford