New Year 2010

Happy New Year to you guys. I have been reading this book called: God’s Generals by Robert Liardon. It covers the men and women of God who had tremendous faith and walked in the fullness of God. It has biographies on John G. Lake, Smith Wigglesworth, Charles Parham, William Seymore,  John Alexander Dowie, Evan Roberts, Aimee Mcpherson, etc.

This book has been so encouraging to me to see others not confined to the common ways of “church” but have this freedom  in Christ. You see the Holy Spirit demonstrated in power.

This book also reveals the trials and error of each of these people and I see myself in that too, looking for what I should be aware of. Anyone who has read their Bible knows that not many who start out well finish well. As for me, all I want is to hear God say on that glorious day is: “well done my good and faithful servant”.

All for Jesus
Tim B.


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