Brooklyn Tabernacle

Last Thursday before I was preparing to fly out the following morning to Dallas, I decided to go for a quick skate session at my church. I went up for a wall ride on my board and my foot slipped off the back and I drove my left knee straight into the ground. As I fell, I did the splits putting all my weight on my twisted limb.

I heard and felt this awful popping & ripping noise like everything just tore apart.

A rush of thoughts came into my mind that I was done skateboarding and my traveling ministry would be on hold.
I stood up fast in pain and leaned against the wall and cried out to my Father and I was reminded of the power of I have in Jesus. As I prayed with authority as a child of God, my leg snapped back together and I felt no pain. I even walked for a bit to make sure (ye of little faith… right?).

I made it to Dallas TX the next day for a youth conference. I had to make a trip to Home Depot that night just an hour prior to my stage time to pick up my wood for the stage. To make a long story short I dropped a piece of wood on my big toe and smashed it, turning my foot into a weird shade of blue and purple. I still felt the Lord strengthen me that night and I skated and shared Jesus.

The next day I was off to Brooklyn N.Y. to speak and skate for 3 youth services at the famous Brooklyn Tabernacle. It was awesome and again I felt God’s presence and power upholding me and giving me the words to speak. People came to Jesus and I made it home to Portland Monday at 2 am. God is good.

All for Jesus
Tim B.

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