This month, my wife and I celebrate a number of events including both birthdays and our wedding anniversary. Every year since we have been married, we’ve taken a vacation for an entire week. This year we are staying in Sunriver, OR. This area is absolutely beautiful. It has plenty of mountain bike trails, good hiking areas, as well as great fishing spots. I’m truly thankful that God gave me such a great person to spend my life with. We get along so well and understand each other in an amazing way. She truly is my best friend and the love of my life. We both believe that the most important way to live our life is completely dedicated to the call of spreading the Gospel. We see ourselves everyday on mission in our community and it stokes us to see people know Jesus and to see them grow in His love and grace.

I also celebrate becoming a Christ follower for the past 10 years this month. God has used us in ways that we cannot begin to describe. I am thankful to still be progressing on my skateboard and the fact that I still have good sponsors, as well as work for a great ministry. God is awesome!

I love living by faith and trusting God to take care of us. There is no other life than a life lived for Christ.

Tim B.


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