John 10:10

I was invited to speak this past weekend at our high school youth retreat. I spoke from John 10:10 on “the Good Shepherd”. God gave me the words and I ended up sharing a message on dying to (sin\self) and living the life Jesus Christ gives us through the cross. Apart from Him, we are lost and dead in sin, which is where the thief (Satan) comes to kill, steal and destroy.

God used it and my wife and I were able to pray for a few students and really enjoy our time together on a beautiful private Oregon beach with some rad high school kids. The other day, I also was able to speak at an elementary school to a group called God’s Holy Gang. The little kids were so stoked and I shared my story of how God has used me and my skateboard to impact the world for His glory.

This pic is all I have to show for our beach trip. I found a group of starfish on the rocks at low tide. This guy was heavy. I later found out that pulling starfish off rocks was against camp rules….oops.

God bless.
Tim B.


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