I took the last week completely off from FB & all site stuff. So here I am at a week later trying to scrape together the highlights of my trip to upstate NY and my following day trip to Omaha NE.
I had a great trip to NY, we had a couple of Pastors fly myself and Brett Weber from Untitled Skateboards in for a demo/contest/outreach for the local skate community in Wilson. I was encouraged by this event and its dual purpose to raise funds for a family that just lost their teenage son this past June. I think it was cool how alot of students came out to support this family and remember a friend. It is a reminder to us all how delicate our lives are and the choices that we make everyday have a real effect on who we are and who we are becoming. I was honored to speak & invite folks to make the ultimate choice to receive Jesus.
My trip to Omaha was great too, as well as very different from what I’m used to. I skated and shared the Gospel at one of my favorite church communities in the mid west  “Liberty Church”.  I did my whole skate demo with blindfolded flips tricks, jumping a kid from the youth group and playing some old Hip Hop for the main Sunday morning service! It was awesome! I felt the Lord give me the Words once again to share my love for Jesus and Gods passion to know His kids “us”.
A couple students came forward to receive Jesus and pray. It was a blessed few days to say the least.
Thanks for your prayers.
Tim B.

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