Juneau, AK!

I just got back home from Juneau, AK. It was an awesome trip and I was able to reach out to a lot of skaters and people through the dynamic of our team. I went there with a few members of The Next Generation Alliance from the Luis Palau ministry. James Gordon from (New Era Outreach) and Hip Hop artist Dontae McFarland and myself hit the streets or in this case the local carnival as witnessing machines to establish relationships and share the Gospel one on one with people.

  I realized on the first day that there were zero skaters coming out to this outreach. So myself and Dontae went to the local skate shops and created a trick challenge for local skaters to compete for $100 by duplicating some of my tricks.
It worked, and we were able to draw out the serious talent of Juneau, AK. It was such a rad time of ministry as we were able to pray and talk with skaters, families and individuals one on one.
I love being a part of a great team of solid bros in Christ who are bold and courageous.
A huge shout out and thank you to the the staff and family that run and operate
Golden Wheel Amusements. You guys are awesome, see you in a week in Ketchikan 🙂
 A big thank you to Patrick at Sequence Boardshop for hooking us up with prizes for the skaters too.
  Thank you for praying!
            Tim B.

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