I just got back home from The Dominican Rep. with my wife Liz. I am still trying to process all that The Lord was trying to teach the both of us, during our short visit there. It was amazing meeting and serving alongside the beautiful community of Santo Domingo. What an amazing culture!

What I found interesting was the deep rooted & rich sense of community in some of the places that we visited. What most of America would describe as poor or less fortunate, I would have to describe as some of the most loving & hospitable people that I have had the pleasure of meeting.

If wealth was measured by loving your neighbor as yourself and being invested in your community, then my friends; there is a lot we can learn from these “rich” brothers and sisters in the D.R.

My prayer today;
Thank you Lord for opening my eyes and continuing to change my skewed perspective on life. Please continue to fill my bank account with the things that have eternal value and significance. Thank you for using me to help usher in your Kingdom. I realize that I am bankrupt without love and without You.
Thank you Jesus!

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