Outreach in Atlanta

I just got home from a one day outreach in Atlanta GA at a rather large traditional Methodist Church. I was brought there for the initial purpose of sharing Jesus with parents and to encourage them to open their whole hearts and give their whole lives to Jesus and to live what they believe.

The program is called Upwards Basketball these tend to fill my schedule in the month of March and certain denominations have this program for youth in the community. I believe they are for ages 1st to 8th grade and at the end of the season some churches use their budgets and invite a guest speaker to share with students and parents at the end season.

This is where I come in… I grabbed the mic and instantly broke down walls of stereotype skateboard guy. I allowed God’s spirit to speak through me and so many mom and dads grandpas and grandmas as well as kids raised their hands without bowing their heads or closing their eyes to recieve Jesus as their personal savior and Lord. A true public confession of Jesus being the Lord took place that day and alot of people responded.

All for the glory of our Lord Jesus.

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