Nollie Flip

I was filming this skateboard trick today, which sounds like messing around right? However, this is a serious endeavor when it comes to being a professional skater. (I am going to try and bring some relevance to this point so please bear with me.)

The trick combo I filmed by its technical name is: Nollie flip & 1\4 to rail, drop back to manual, 360 flip to nose manual then shuvit out. Only a very small fraction of skaters can appreciate the technical difficulty and make sense of the above equation. Most skaters could care less and the people who don’t skateboard (most likely you who are reading this) usually cannot understand any part of what is being described in written form.

What if instead of describing the trick to you, I simply demonstrate the actual trick combo in a quick video clip? Now the image of something that sounds so confusing when being described in written form would become clear and obvious, and maybe less impressive or underwhelming. Some would conclude that this is simply another way to ride a skateboard. Others will take it very seriously, while most will consider it absolute foolishness.

So, the point…
If we only describe to others why we believe in Jesus and the power of God, it can easily sound ridiculous, complicated, and confusing just as in the above attempt to describe one of my skateboarding tricks. However, when demonstrated, it shows a clearer picture of the power and love God has for His creation.
Just something to think about….

“All for Jesus”
Tim B.


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