Liz (my wife) sent this to me the other day. These are her thoughts on a sermon we heard on Easter. I thought it was nice and simple and encouraging so I thought I’d post it:

Because of the resurrection anything/everything is possible.

Expect good things. After Jesus told the disciples many times that He would rise from the dead, they didn’t expect him to. We should expect God to fulfill His promises/word. Don’t be disappointed or discouraged when He doesn’t fulfill His promises in our time frame. He is sovereign and all-knowing. His time is perfect.

Everything happened according to God’s plan. God’s plan is perfect. Our plans are not. When we plan, we should leave room for His plan and not be disappointed when things don’t happen according to our plan. God’s plan is perfect and He will accomplish His will. I want to be used by Him to accomplish His will. I don’t want to be so distracted with my plan or will that He cannot use me.

All for Jesus!
Tim B.

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