My good friend Kei invited Liz and I to come share at a small youth group gathering at a local Korean church on Friday. I was able to skate and share the Gospel and encourage them to continue to live for Jesus. This was so different from a lot of other outreaches or groups we had served with before. The kids and young adults were so respectful and kind to us. This one guy I was praying & talking with for about 10 minutes was so polite that he didn’t want to “offend” me by just getting up and talking to some friends. I had to tell him that I would literally talk to him all night if he didn’t get up and go quickly!

We had so much fun and everyone loved the skating too! This really gave us a new passion & desire to serve and minister in the local youth gatherings who never have events or guest speakers or even a full time youth Pastor. Liz and I are thankful for the leadership at Onnuri & for the open door to come and minister, and to be ministered too as well. Kei sent me this pic yesterday. He is an awesome man of God. Thanks, Kei.

All for Jesus.
Tim B.



  1. Alex Cho

    Hey Tim!

    Thanks for coming out to our youth group and speaking! Your heart for God is apparent and inspiring! He’s gifted you tremendously to touch the souls that He’s after!

    Thanks again!!

  2. heami

    Can I “Like” the post? haha, I’m so facebook oriented. Thanks for coming and uplifting our community ๐Ÿ™‚ Please come visit again!

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