Jonathan Chu


Friday I woke up and got an email from my friend Jonathan Chu, the fiddle player from Skillet, asking if we wanted tickets to the show. Here we are backstage Jonathan is on my left. I met Jon when he was playing with Todd Agnew a few years back. We did a few events together and then this past August, I found out that Skillet had hired him on!

If you ever get the chance to meet Jonathan Chu, he is one of the nicest people you could ever meet. You can tell that he wants to just glorify God and it shows through his actions. He is such an encouragement and a phenomenal musician. I was glad that we got to hang out. This tour came to Salem this past Friday, which isn’t very far from Portland and I got to meet up with other friends from Hawk Nelson and Decypher Down, whom I have done numerous events with as well. I want to thank Jonathan for thinking of us and his humility as a follower of Christ.

All for Jesus!
Tim B.

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