Clothe One Project


These are my friends Nate and Kei from Aklesia, which is an apparel brand to help those in need and to bring people closer together by building community. These guys took me to lunch today and I got to take them on a tour of the Luis Palau headquarters in Beaverton, OR. We talked about all the amazing things and the tough things that take place in our everyday lives. The cool thing was our conversations were all centered on Jesus and His way in our hearts and everyday lives. I am just so thankful for these guys and their families. It is rare to meet people who want to use their gifts for the purpose to serve those in need and to encourage people to follow Jesus.

To find out how you can help go to and vote for your favorite T-shirt design for the Clothe One Project. Each tee that sells, one shirt will be given to those in need. The goal is to clothe 5000 people in need by Christmas. Please pray for these guys and their families.

God bless
Tim B.

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  1. Kei

    Tim I love your heart! Let’s hook up soon . . . hi to Liz too! Looking forward to the new video! Thanks for your friendship love you my brother!

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