I was @ Target the other day. I wandered into the toy department and I stumbled upon the Tech Deck section or (fingerboards)…. You can watch my You tube clip later. Anyway this particular one is of a young guy that I used to tour with when we had our old company Manna Skateboards. His name is Sierra Fellers and this is a toy version of his actual pro model skateboard put out by Foundation Skateboards. Sierra had a passion for Jesus and skate ministry the last time I saw him or spoke to him (which has been a while).

We were in the Livin’ It DVD together. Then, that same year, he blew up in the skateboard industry by winning the 2004 Tampa AM contest. I have tried to keep tabs on Sierra in all the magazine interviews, tours, etc. I pray God protects him and that he is the example he is called to be. I am proud of Sierra! He is the best skateboarder I had ever seen in person. We used to skate outside our hotels on tour late at night and I would watch this kid do every flip trick with ease, even some of my freestyle stuff. We would take him to a spot and he would pull out everything with uncanny board control and effortless style. Sierra was the last person I ever played s-k-a-t-e with, which is like Horse in basketball. He is the closest person to ever beating me (and this seems so dumb now, but I used to be so competitive, which is why I don’t compete anymore). I just had to smile the other day when I bought Sierra’s Tech Deck toy at Target. This brought back so many memories of the old tour days with Manna Skateboards and how I got to see this kid, who was 14, grow into who he is today.

Sierra, if you read this- please get in touch! God bless.

All for Jesus

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