Prestonwood Baptist Church


I have been in Dallas \Ft. Worth for the past 4 days. I was invited to skate and share my testimony with the student ministry at Prestonwood Baptist Church in Dallas. This was an awesome event, the staff was really appreciative of us and treated us with such servant hearts. I skated and talked 6 different times while I was there. The church is what I call a mega church with 15,000 in attendance so you can imagine how many students go there. God blessed us and even though we had kids moving in and out\ back to back I knew my strength was not my own. I learned that sharing and doing the same stuff 6 times in a row was really difficult and tiring because each time I skate, I pull over 55 tricks and then my message. The one thing I learned is I cannot do that much ever again but it was pretty cool feeling the presence of the Lord as I was out there for His glory.

All for Jesus
Tim B.

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