Sad Week, Please Pray For Our Ministry.

I received some very sad news last night that one of our Skatechurch kids was killed in a car accident over the weekend. I keep playing the moment where I shared the Gospel with this guy, over and over again in my head. For so many, this is the only “church” they have been to. This is possibly the only place where the clear Gospel of Jesus was shared as well. I’m glad that I do not know what God did with that seed in this young mans life.     Alcohol and a night of so called fun turned tragic for this group of kids. Please pray for all his friends and the families involved. A life that ended all too soon. This is the last pic I had taken of London Stoll after he had won a contest at Skate Church. He is pictured on the right, along with his friends from Yew Skateboards. Such a rad kid with huge potential on and off the board.

Thank you for your prayers.

Tim B.

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