Skating in Pennsylvania

I was in PA this weekend, and it went well. I got to go to a high school and skate on Fri. I did a complete demo and even ollied a few kids including the principal (I love skating!). Of course I couldn’t share my faith, but I invited kids to talk with me afterward or mostly just t0 come to the main event the following day to hear the rest.
I was supposed to do 3 short 10min. demos during the day on Sat. I was at the counties annual family day. I skated that night to about 200-300 people in a small pavillion and then I shared how Jesus changed my life. I didn’t feel I should do any sort of formal alter call, so I just prayed and encouraged people to talk to me afterward.
I hung out with the local skaters and one really got me stoked. This kid named Cody is one of those “diamond in the rough” skaters. It is clear he has fun skating, which reminded me of why I still skate. So Cody if you read this, it was rad skating with you bro’. Thank you Pastor Mark for hangin’ with me and supplying me with plenty of Red Bull.
God bless and I pray you all had a good Memorial Day weekend.


  1. Craigsnedeker

    Where were you in PA?

  2. Tim

    I was in McAlister, PA for a demo and school assembly. It was awesome!

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