New Shoes

I’ve been doing so many demos, that I wore my shoes down to the foam. I like to have my shoes nicely broke in so I can have a good feel of the board. Last Sunday I was invited to speak @ a small church in PA and do a little skate demo, I did the demo and afterwards I decided to get rid of my worn out sheos that I had been skating in for some time now. I discarded them in a proper manner, but 10 minutes later this little boy comes up to me holding my old stinky skate shoes and asks if I would autograph them. I am so thankful to have great sponsors that help me out. Circa footwear is a huge brand in skateboarding. Even though I am not on the team roster it is still rad to be flowed 4 pairs of new shoes when I need them. God is good and I am blessed. Next week I take my wife on a  week long vacation!
Live for Jesus!

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