Kernersville, NC


This is the stage I performed on in front a few hundred students in N.C. I did 3 solo school assemblies and a 40 min. presentation on stage that night. I consumed 4 Redbulls, a 3 shot espresso white mocha from Starbucks, and 2 sweet teas. Let’s just say I had a hard time sleeping after it was all over, but it helped get me through the day. God used our effort and I shared the good news of Jesus. I had a few opportunities to pray with a couple Jr. high students before the night was over, it was awesome.

I am now getting ready to fly home and hang out with my wife for a good amount of time.
All for Jesus.
Tim B.

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  1. Jessica

    Thanks for coming out and sharing with the youth last night! It’s a great thing you are doing. Good job on the stunts ; )

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