Everything’s bigger in Texas

The outreach I just had the privilege to be a part of in Decatur, TX (just north of Dallas) was amazing. If you take 4 of the most recognized talents in BMX, bring down my friend Tooth and Nail recording artist Manafest from Toronto, invite Dave Voetberg from Reliance skateboards place me on stage to boggle minds with my skateboard and share Jesus, the event will be off the charts.
God used us in such an amazing way from Nathan Williams going into the local high school and doing 180 barspins over obstacles from flat ground then Alex Magallan riding on the bleachers doing manual tailwhips and our newest addition Brandon Rizzo from N.Y. Sharing about drug addiction and the freedom he found in…… well the kids were encouraged to come out to our event that night so they can hear the true freedom that we have each found in our Lord Jesus. I am so proud of these guys for how they let Christ shine through. We had opportunities left and right with folks wondering why we looked strange and what we were doing in Decatur. When we would tell them we were there for ministry, the door would open right up for an encounter of the Holy Spirit in our conversation. We had about 500 people show up and many surrendered their lives to Jesus. It was an awesome night for the small town of Decatur, TX and the Kingdom of God.

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