Headin’ to Texas


I am flying to Dallas, TX today for an outreach.ย  I have found an easier way to travel with my skateboard and not bum other passengers out.ย  Most airlines now charge a $15 baggage fee for a checked bag so now I am doing all carry on only that is why I have removed the trucks and wheels from my board so it can be stored in the overhead compartment a lot smoother and other bags can fit in easier as well. People give me the worst looks when they findout the reason their square roller bag doesn’t fit is because some skateboarder stuffed his complete boardย  in the overhead.
I just want to be a blessing not a bummer.

Please pray for me as I perform and share Jesus.

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  1. Dave Nelson

    An airline made me check my skateboard once, and it ended up getting rained on! Awesome!

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