Blogging and Twitter and Facebook, Oh My!

I have been trying to write more blogs, twitter, and photos, etc. It’s sometimes hard because I feel so dry and dull in my down time. Here’s a typical day: I wake up and I run 1 mile. Then I go meet with the pastors at my church, do a little grocery shopping (yes, even skaters gotta eat…and I try to be a good husband and get that done for my wife). After that, I go eat lunch and skate for an hour at our other church. I go to some meetings with the staff there and encourage the younger guys to keep in tune with the Holy Spirit. I work with our High School youth group on Wednesdays and with the Middle School youth group on Thursdays. To me, there’s not a whole lot of material there, but I’m learning.

I can see that so many people are into social networking. I just want to see Jesus glorified and for people to not think I am great or that I have anything special to offer without doing it through The Lord. I am just a man who loves Jesus and I happen to be a skateboarder.

Live for Him.

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