How To Be The Gospel

The following is for the genuine glory of our Lord Jesus! God is showing me how to be the Gospel. He’s also showing me that it is so easy to share a passionate outlined message on stage night after night and for the bands to sing and perform the same songs over and over. We can easily get caught up in just going through the motions, but our Father wants so much more from us, God wants us to get to know more of His children! We have all been called to go into all the world and not only share/preach the good news of Jesus but BE the good news of our Lord Jesus! In just the past week many raised their hands in a complete surrender to our Lord Jesus. The highlights that I would like to share took place more in one-on-one street witnessing. The other night I met a guy who told us that he was going to a party to get with girls and to get drunk. The Holy Spirit came upon me and before I knew it we had an opportunity to lead this guy to Jesus.

You could see how God convicted his heart and I could feel the brokenness when I prayed with him. It was awesome and he gave his heart to Jesus on that empty sidewalk! The next day when I gave the call to surrender to Jesus, one of the band members (on this tour) raised his hand and I had an opportunity to pray with him and encourage him to follow Jesus. This was cool especially because he raised is hand in front of everybody without the lights being dimmed or heads bowed – just all out surrender to our Lord Jesus. God is amazing! Last night I had the opportunity to pray with and encourage a few VETS that were stationed at Ft. Bragg in N.C. I shared that Jesus went to the cross for all sin no matter how bad or shameful.

I have to say when you hear of a 19-year old who has killed people in the line of duty or some other really twisted sins, it gets heavy. I shared that God paid a price to purchase our sinful, twisted, sick human existence and gives us a new life when we except His free gift in our Lord Jesus. Then and only then, when we see our sin and the price that God paid, we are truly born again and become a new creation in Christ Jesus.

The following is the tour schedule:

Thursday Jul 3 Fly to Nashville
Friday Jul 4 Drive to Pensacola
Saturday Jul 5 Drop In & Rock Out Tour (DIRO) – Pensacola, FL
Monday Jul 7 Nacogdoches, TX – Go Tell Camps –
Wednesday Jul 9 DIRO – Bluefield, WV
Thursday Jul 10 DIRO – Mount Holly, NC
Friday Jul 11 DIRO – Ahoskie, NC
Saturday Jul 12 DIRO – Fayetteville, NC
Wednesday Jul 16 DIRO – Raytown, MO
Friday Jul 18 Bloomington, NJ – Camp –
Saturday Jul 19 DIRO – Shelbyville, TN
Sunday Jul 20 DIRO – Harrisburg, IL
Monday Jul 21 DIRO – Roach, MO
Friday Jul 25 DIRO – Bidwell, OH
Saturday Jul 26 Knightstown, IN
Sunday Jul 27 DIRO – Chicago, IL
Monday Jul 28 DIRO – High Hill, MO

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