For The Glory

The following is for the glory of our lord Jesus. I started out this month’s outreaches on the 7th in Lancaster PA. I was invited to share Jesus at a week long tent revival which was really cool considering the church that put it on used to be a conservative Mennonite church which had God’s spirit fall on and light a fire to reach the community and break down the religious barriers of the various traditions of the Amish and Mennonite as well as other strongholds. I’ve gotta say I was really stoked to be at a real tent revival! I had the privilege to share the good news of Jesus and the freedom I found in knowing God. A few people gave their lives to Jesus and God really used this cool opportunity and this group of people to really ignite a community to know Jesus and to be set free from religous bondage.

The next trip was Jackson, MS, In a well-to-do community called Madison. I had the opportunity to share God’s good news with about 600 people at an event that was outdoors and extremely humid and hot. The cool thing about this event was that 5 different church denominations had gotten together to do this outreach we had about 20 decisions to follow Jesus. I was personally encouraged by the pastors and their hearts to be more like Jesus and walk in the body of Christ (in unity).

I saved the best for last… This past weekend I did an outreach in Fredricksburg, VA. My brother and his fiancee came to the outreach to see me and visit. They stuck around and watched me skate and share the good news of Jesus, and during the decision time, my brother’s fiancee gave her life to Jesus and told my brother later that day that God spoke to her heart and she felt it was time to surrender to God. I also am seeing my brother return back to Jesus. I know this visit and the cool stuff that took place in his fiancee’s heart was an encouragement to him to be a man of God.

This was one of the best things the Lord could have let me be apart of and I am so thankful to my Father in heaven who can do all things and work everything together for His purpose and His goodness. Please pray for Reach Your City, that God would continue to open doors for all the ministers to have opportunities to share Jesus. God bless

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