Cancelled Flights and God’s Spirit

Among the delayed and canceled flights for this months schedule of five consecutive outreaches all booked in different states, I still could feel God’s spirit upon me.

What I mean is this: I am learning to decrease and allow God to increase in my everyday life as I learn to serve others.

My first stop was Lafayette, LA a small street outreach in which we saw 2 people give their lives to Jesus. The next stop was Illinois in a town of 2000 people, I met this ultra passionate pastor that was only 28yrs old who just wanted to reach out and do something for the community and have an impact on lives for our Lord Jesus. A few people raised their hands in response to the good news of Jesus.

I then flew to Georgia for a youth camp of around 1000 people. I was there to just strike a fire in the hearts of onlookers as I shared my passion for seeing people live what they believe and follow Jesus.

My next trip was 3 days in Tulsa, OK for a conference in which we saw the gifts of the spirit really move in lives, I was really encouraged because this crew who brought me in were friends that I had worked with before and God used us on and off the stage in mighty ways to encourage one another.

My final stop this month is at Liberty University in VA were I have the opportunity to challenge people to be whole hearted followers of our Lord Jesus.

God bless, live for Him!

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