Pray For Us

Glory to Jesus! I pray that we share in grace in truth as we follow after our Lord and savior Jesus Christ. I believe my friends, God has convicted my heart to share more about His love and grace. It is a wonder how the sinners and the broken were so attracted to Jesus when he was on this earth and how the religeous despised and hated Him.

Do you wonder why so many Church gatherings done in the name of Jesus in this modern day attract so many religious critical types but the true broken struggling hurt sinners feel so rejected and neglected by the church (You and Me)? I just want to be more like Jesus.

This weekends outreach was an eye opener for me somtimes the things I preach on or judgmental about, I find myself battling those things personally. Through all the struggles and when the Devil is trying to mess us up God works all things together for His good and His glory and purpose. My battles are now giving me more compassion and love for God’s people. When we walk in the Holy Spirit we can no longer justify nor make a practice of Sin. I want less of me and more of Jesus and to walk everyday in His mighty Love and compassion. Pray for Us.

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