Happy New Year – Be Alive

Happy New Year! I am sorry I have not kept up this blog….I have had an awesome and blessed year in ’07 and the last 3 outreaches of the year are by far the largest and busiest. I began the month of Dec. Speaking at a banquet dinner for my friend Brad Butcher with (Passion 4 People International) to encourage people to come along side the ministry in prayer and support, “after all we are the body of Jesus Christ” and we are ALL called to pray for one another especially the ministries all over the world.

Liz and I went to my parents in Missouri for Christmas and had a 2 week break it was awsome then we went to Springfield, IL for the state wide YEC convention to share Jesus alot of decisions were made to follow Jesus and God was truly lifted up.

Liz flew home to the West Coast the following day and I got on a plane to head to the biggest New Years bash\venue in the U.S. Winterfest held at Liberty University in Lynchburg, VA. 10,000 people the top Christian music artist and an insane schedule\program. Most people that read this know I am not a big fan of marketing and the commercializaion of our Lord Jesus, and since they booked me as a speaker\ performer I shared the love of Jesus and also the dislike for commercialism and consumerism that the church (You and Me) get readily caught up in. The bible says “We are not to save up treasures on this earth where everything is temporary, but to store up treasures in the everlasting Heaven.”

My point is often times we spend God ‘s money on hype and vapor we build up our little kingdoms and not the eternal kingdom of Heaven. I admit I am guilty of this but as we go into 2008 God has ripped these earthly desires out of my heart and I have drawn closer to Jesus and I give everything and lay it all down once again.

I am now at the Big God conferance in Myrtle Beach S.C. I love this event because these are my friends and even though there are a few thousand people here, It still has that living room family setting where you can just share Jesus, perform the gift God gives you and know that Jesus is truly lifted up. A lot of people responded to the love of Jesus and that is all that matters.

My word for anyone reading this is to lose your life so you can be alive in Christ Jesus.

God bless.

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