Oregon, Virginia, Louisiana and The Asphalt Assault Tour

I began the 28th of April down in Roseburg, OR where I was invited to share the good news and do a demo at their skate-park. That same day they were having a contest full of all the top local skaters, as well as parents. This was perfect for sharing the love of Jesus. About 30 people gave their lives to Jesus that night. It was fun and rough, too. I was laughed at a little and mocked, but that just lets me know that Satan is scared by the name of Jesus and is powerless.

Then got on a plane the next day and flew to Hampton, VA. I was invited to speak and skate at a huge Baptist Church. They set me up on stage. The place seemed pretty packed with standing room only. The local surf shop knew I was coming to town and they helped promote the event. They had a lot of skaters show up. Young and old alike heard the good news of Jesus. We had a few outbursts from the crowd when it came time to share about the freedom in Jesus. I think the expectations of me sharing were low, and they pretty much had me pegged as the athlete testimony guy. I talked all about the good news and the salvation through the blood of Jesus and nothing about skating.

I knew that a lot of the younger kids would leave especially skaters as soon as I got off stage so that is why God’s spirit led me in such a way.

I then spent the next few days in VA. hanging out with family. I was able to share the love of Jesus with those who are still searching and to have others pour out God’s word into my life.

The Asphalt Assault tour began the first weekend of May in Sparta, VA. This is a tour that combines action sports with music and a clear gospel message. We did this last year and had an amazing response. we were encouraged seeing so many people commit their lives and begin a relationship with Jesus we also had awesome follow up with the local churches.

This year started with a rained out event So we moved ramps and music indoors and shared the love of Jesus, 1 boy came forward and it was so awesome.

We then moved on to our next venue in Dacula, GA. It was a full night. Over two thousand people were there, as well as other Christian entertainers. A lot of people responded to the gospel that night and I was encouraged by how they gave the invitation. This altar call was more about introducing people to Jesus and encouraging people to pray in their own words, ask forgiveness of their sins in their own way, and make Jesus the boss of their lives. The message wasn’t the common “say a prayer repeat after me stuff”, which has seemed too formal to me and so I’ve been trying to let God speak to their heart and give them the words.

The next date we went onto Pineville, LA. We had the best AA date yet as far as being in-sync and the way we allowed God to move through us. It was incredible to see God move. A lot of people responded to following Jesus for the first time. I was so excited that God’s spirit continues to guide fool’s like us as vessels for the glory of our lord Jesus.

God bless and thank you for your prayers.

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