A Letter From Sandi and Robert Flaaskog

OK before you read the following about God’s spirit sweeping a small town Easter weekend let me set this up.

I was invited to share Jesus in a small rural Missori town in a school building that a empty nester couple bought really cheap at an Auction. While owning this building a group of skaters were breaking in and skating the old Gymnasium when Sandi and husband Robert found that these were local skateboarders breaking in they posted their phone number on the door and wrote a letter letting the kids know they could just call and then they would come and unlock the doors so they could skate.. This couple is and was on fire for Jesus and before they new it they began to minister to these kids and their parents and the community through somthing they call the Damascus road skaters. This small German town is called Herman with 2700 in total population and a very strong Catholic Community God is making the impossble possble Many of the skaters parents as well as the skaters and others gave their lives to Jesus and then showed up the next day for the easter service held in the old schools choir room… This is the true power of a loving and gracious savior Jesus. Enjoy the following and pray for us.
-Tim B.

As most of you know we (Robert and I, Tim & Barb Flint, Mary & Trish Heaney, Randy & Patty Shepherd and Rose Gloe) hosted Tim Byrne, evangelist and professional freestyle skateboarder for Damascus Road in our old school gym.

What a great night for the Lord. Tim demonstrated his God-given skill (which is totally amazing ) to a crowd of approximately 130 (someone estimated), and out of the group, many gave their hearts to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Someone estimated 20 or more accepted Christ Saturday night. We are not so much intereseted in numbers but we are PRAISING GOD for allowing us to be a part of His move–it shows how ripe the “harvest field” is when you witness that many in a small town like Hermann. Many of the crowd we have never seen before, but of the ones saved by God’s grace, several we have been praying for; some for years.

WE ARE SO EXCITED TO BE A PART OF THE MOVEMENT OF THE LORD IN HERMANN, MISSOURI and I know Tim is too. Robert and I were blessed with the opportunity to spend much of the weekend with Tim and it was so refreshing to spend time with a young man who is 100% sold out to the work of the Lord. He loves Jesus with such a pure heart devoid of the traps of the “Christian Commercialism” as we all are, too. We look forward to ministering to those who surrendered their lives to Christ. Please pray that they come to Damascus (or any other church where Jesus is lifted up). We are not interested in “growing our church” but only interested in growing the KIngdom of the Lord Jesus Christ, seeing peopled bound for the Kingdom of Light and snatched from the Kingdom of Darkness. Pray God sends strong Christians to surround them and mentor them in the Lord, so they don’t get left behind wondering what happened to them, or if anything really did happen, at the moment they raised their hands to ask Jesus into their hearts.

What a blessing to see how God uses his evangelists like Tim to further his Kingdom and start the revival fires burning in our small town. A song comes to mind right at this moment that reflects my thoughts: What a Strange Way to Save the World… that God would use a mix of “strange” Christians (us) to minister with a “strange platform” (skateboarding) to a “strange group of people” you should have seen the crowd they were great) in such a “strange way!” (A live band, skateboarding, rollerblading, biking, and a professional skateboarder/evangelist) I LOVE JESUS!!!

What a great sense of humor our Lord has–we are still not quite sure what is happening, however, we are enjoying every minute of it and just trying to hang on as our Lord leads us through.

In Christ’s Love,
Sandi and Robert Flaaskog

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