Detroit trip:

Right after my trip to AK, I was on a plane and heading to Detroit, MI.
This was for one of my favorite kind of outreaches for a basketball sports program called “Upward”. The idea is for a church to build community around kids playing in a league that is Christ centered with weekly biblical devotions and planned curriculum. At the end of the season is a celebration time to thank leaders, parents etc.
This is where I come in 🙂
Churches who participate in these events usually go all out and budget for an entertainer/guest speaker to close out their season and preach the Gospel.
Some churches are different and have certain expectations.
I was encouraged that the Pastor of this Presbyterian Church took me aside to ask me what was going to be shared in terms of the Gospel message. I think the Lord gave me favor with this man and he could tell that I wasn’t going to use sophistry or manipulation to get a response. I was there to simply share my story and how when I received Jesus, I passed from death unto life. With that being said, the Holy Spirit showed up big time and parents were weeping and responding to give their lives to Jesus as well as the kids. It was an amazing night of ministry at Knox Church to say the least 🙂
I also had a great time skateboarding too 😉

Thank you for your continued prayers.
Tim B.

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