NGA Conference 2009

I was at the Luis Palau NGA conference a few weeks ago and I got a photo with some good friends that I haven’t see in years. The guy on the left is Tom Geilfuss. He rides for Untitled Skateboards. He is such a leader that my good friend and owner of Untitled, Jud Heald, is training him up. Tom is a ripper on a skateboard you can see his part in Who We Are @

Speaking of Jud Heald, he is the crazy guy with his arms out. Jud is like a big brother to me. He has seen me grow into the man of God that I am today. Jud and I did our first tour together in the Fall of 2000. We promoted the movie Extreme Days, we were with KJ52, Beanbag, MG The Visionary,and Pax 217. I was on my first national tour just 2 months after giving my life to Jesus. Jud and I have been bros ever since. He is one of the best park skaters I have seen. What I love most is Jud will do what it takes to see people come to Jesus. I am so thankful to be a part of Untitled Skateboards.

The other guy is Paul Anderson. He is the pioneer of the very first SkateChurch. It was started in the mid 80’s by two freestyle flatland skaters…. imagine that! I met Paul in 2002 at a Luis Palau festival in Seattle. He is one of the first skater/evangelists I witnessed that preached the word of God with clarity and authority. Everyone could hear the urgency in his voice for people to know Jesus. Paul is one of my hero’s.

Then there is Uli. I just met this guy and his wife. They have a worldwide ministry called Christian Skaters. Uli and his wife, Toni, live in Florida. This couple is on fire for Jesus. If that sounds weird, it means they really love God and want to impact the world through skateboarding ministry.

God bless all of you, hope you are having a good Holiday season. Thank you for checking this out and praying for us. The following is my Dec. schedule:

1-3rd)  Nashville, TN
15-17th) Snyder TX
31st-1st) Lynchberg, VA


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