This past week I flew up to Ontario, Canada to skate & speak at school assemblies and nightly outreaches. I was stoked to see my longtime friends such as Brock Gill, CZ, Vota, and the crew from Outcast BMX.
We were all brought up there by the Billy Graham Team, which is a huge honor for anybody in ministry. The night that Will Graham shared I was encouraged by how many people responded to the Gospel of Jesus! However that final night I was side lined from some injuries that occurred while trying a new flip trick on something high and sketchy…Brock Gill inspired the idea πŸ˜‰
God is good, and I cannot say it enough how blessed I was to be apart of this amazing week.

This pic is of Will Graham and I.


I also decided to keep our Green Room poster as well, just for memories when I’m old & gray.


All for Jesus!
Tim B.

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