I’ve been everywhere man, I’ve been everywhere

I was just thinking about how many opportunities outside the U.S. I have been invited to this year alone to skate and share the gospel. Beijing, Mexico, Hydribad, India, Zambia, Singapore, Rwanda. I just don’t have a desire to go overseas. Here I am with an amazing job doing exactly what I want. I am available to do things like this. I just don’t get that excited in my heart about leaving the U.S. I believe I am called for now anyway as a skateboarding missionary to this country. The point is: How do we know what God is wanting us to do all the time? After all, it is about losing our lives for the sake of sharing and being the good news of Jesus to others. All I know is that this peace gives me hope, I trust that I am following His will.
Thanks for reading please pray for us.

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  1. Mikale

    Good blog entry. All I know is that God moves in serious ways. On Thursday, I chipped my skateboard, then I prayed for a new one. The next day at skatechurch, one of the guys(he’s part of the staff) designed a skateboard for me out of a bunch of slightly new parts. It is way better than my old one. So everyone, prayer works. Don’t be afraid to ask God for something…

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