A Covenant

This is a little something I got out of this book I’ve been reading by Kris Vallotton.

Keeping covenant with God is the mark of a true disciple. Jesus had 12 apostles. He kept saying that one of them would betray Him. It is a little scary to me that the 11 other guys who lived, slept, ate and ministered together in power for 3.5 years still had not realized that Judas was a betrayer. Judas must have been able to heal the sick and cast out demons as well as the other disciples, because otherwise his lack of power would have been a dead giveaway that he was the betrayer. Then, on the night of the passover, Jesus basically said, ” let’s make a covenant.” He took bread and said, “This is my body that is broken for you” (Luke 22:19). As soon as Judas realized that covenant was required, his cover was blown. Judas was a false apostle. He betrayed Jesus with a kiss because he pursued intimacy without covenant, see? (Luke 22:47)

He was in relationship with Jesus because of what he could get out of it. When he realized that Jesus was about to require him to sacrifice himself for the sake of Christ, he sold out what was left of his stock in Christ for 30 peaces of silver. He didn’t want to be in a relationship that cost him.

The nature of false apostles and false leaders is that they are not really loving, caring fathers. They cohabitate with the body for what they can get out of them. When they finally get caught in their own sin, they try to create their own redemption (Judas hung himself) instead of receiving what Christ did for them. When we went into that baptismal tank with a cross on our back we emerged with a crown and a covenant to be co-laborers with Christ. We are meant to rule in God’s kingdom by loving, shepherding and caring for those around us no matter what.

Jesus is Lord
Tim B.

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