Nebraska and New Mexico


I’m home from another week of skating and seeing God move in peoples’ lives. Last week in Hastings, Nebraska at The Freedom Experience we had over 1300 people show up and around 300 decisions to receive Jesus. I was there with my good friends Brock Gill, Outcast BMX & Vota as well as the RYC staff.

After Hastings, NE I got on a plane and went home for a night to have dinner with my wife. The next morning I flew out to Farmington, NM where I emceed a skate contest, did a demo and shared the Gospel. The church that invited me in has built relationships with these skaters and gained trust by going to the park and handing out water and food through out the year. It was encouraging to see a church get it right in terms of how to serve and care for the local skaters. The contest there was run completely by the church and it helped so much to provide a little encouragement and credibility to the talents of these local skaters. When I shared my story and gave the invite to receive Jesus, a whole bunch of hands went up. It was a great week and I’m so thankful that God used us once again to share His love with others.

It is all about Jesus
Tim B.

(The above picture is of the contest logo from Farmington, NM.)

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