Long Beach

This past weekend I had a crazy trip to New York City in terms of travel.

I missed my connecting flight in San Francisco due to high winds. They placed us in a holding pattern above the city for 30 minutes. In that time, I got to share Christ with a girl that I was sitting next to who saw me reading my bible, so that was good. We finally landed in San Francisco and I had missed any chance of leaving at a decent time. I was supposed to land in New York Friday night but instead got in the following morning at 10 AM after catching the last flight at 1 AM. That meant 10 hours in the airport! I got off the plane and drank a whole bunch of coffee, met the nice people who brought me in, and did my demo on stage and shared the Gospel. The skating was difficult, but then again, I never in all my years took a red eye flight to get right off the plane and go straight into skateboarding.

God is good and he used my humble effort. The event was filled with music and testimonies throughout the day. I got to meet some great people and hear their stories. This trip was fun and I was so thankful for the nice hotel and great food.

On my way home I got a complimentary upgrade to First Class on the 5.5 hour flight home so, that was awesome! I even got to share Jesus with this sweet 80 year old lady that sat next to me.

God bless
Tim B.


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