Sundown Fest

I had an awesome opportunity to share the Gospel at a big (non Christian) event called Sundown Fest in Junction City Kansas. I did a few demos each day on the 2nd and 3rd. I was stoked that people listened as I shared the good news of Jesus. I even got to pray with a few people. My skating went well, or I should say better when I started drinking more water and less coffee…. imagine that?

The strange thing was I shared the stage with a daredevil stunt show. This guy was breaking bricks on his wife’s stomach and chopping up watermelons on her, too. We had to clean up the mess so I could skate each time. You can see the low quality picture I took of our stage before anything was set up.


I was surprised to see some good FMX riders there as well. The riders had to be some heavy hitters in the industry from what I could gather. The pic is of their demo ramp set up. I just like to see back flips on motorcycles, and they were pulling those in their warm up. God is so good, my flights were on time & I got free upgrades to First Class both ways. Sharing the love of Jesus and skateboarding is the best job in the world!


Glory to God.
Tim B.

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