A few blog posts back, I wrote about an outreach called The Door. At that outreach we were able to pray with a few skaters to receive Jesus. I’ve noticed whenever God does something huge and miraculous, it is often times hard to put those things into words.

These boys have grown up with a lot of hard stuff to deal with. It is amazing to see and be around someone who receives Jesus and begins to grow and walk in that new life. Yesterday I met the guys at church for an afternoon skate session. We prayed and talked about some stuff and about baptism. Last night during our 6 o’clock service, the pastor talked about baptism and the guys stood up and went forward to be baptized. It was incredible! It reminded me of the radical change that I experienced when I gave my life to Jesus. I remember just going to God with my heart and mind opened to whatever His will was for my life. Meeting these skaters and spending time with them has had such a forever impact on my life and ministry. God has used all this to show me that there is so much more He wants me to do besides fly around on planes and go in and out of ministries all over the U.S. I have such a burden for the kids and people in the Portland area who are neglected and broken. We are completely willing to give up everything to see others become whole-hearted followers of Jesus Christ. Please pray for my wife and I.

God bless
Tim B.

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