I just watched this short film called “Foolishness” that is directed by Pro skater Brian Sumner. A lot of guys from Reliance and Siren Skateboards were threaded throughout as well as one our Untitled skaters Tom Geilfuss.

The reason for this write up is this Christian based skate film was different from alot of the stuff I’ve seen or have been in. All the skaters shared scripture with a few brushed testimonies that flowed together well. A good blend of skating was combined with the Gospel message that was mostly given by Brian throughout the film.

I was stoked to see a well done vid with the Word of God laced throughout. The title gives reference to 1 Corinthians 1:18 “the message of the Cross is foolish to those who are perishing, BUT to those of US who are being SAVED it is the power of GOD.” This scripture is what I personally use anytime I share the Gospel. The same context we find ourselves in today is the same context Paul found himself in when he penned these words. In all actuality, this scripture is and always will be timeless in any setting because the truth is we are perishing without Jesus saving us. The message we preach about the cross of Christ sounds crazy or (foolish). But to know now what it is, to be saved from our wicked ways, we speak of power that can only come from God and the pain and suffering He embodied as He gave His life for the sins of the world through Jesus Christ. Therefore the message is absolute power because it is absolute Truth.

I am thankful for each of these guys who shared God’s word with boldness and compassion.

All for Jesus.
Tim B.


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