Two weeks of travel

I started out last week for a 3 day battle in a small mining town in VA. The churches brought us in to perform and then share the message of salvation in Jesus Christ. We went to a lot of schools and invited people out, but the first night we had very few show up. The lineup was a different mix of performers than you would’ve expected at an action sports demo. It would’ve been easy to get discourage, but we pushed through for two more evenings and actually saw over 400 people each night. God used this outreach and effort “because that is what God does”. I got to share with one guy who came to Jesus, who was a heavy drug addict. He broke down crying when he heard the good news and it’s stories like his that make it all worth it.

Something else I am realizing after this two week trip out on the road is the need for people to have their physical needs met. I traveled all over the Southeast and met hundreds of people- many needing tangible gifts like groceries or heat in their homes. There is an entertainment element to what I do as a minister- showing kids that God can use anyone and anything, even skateboarding, even a guy from Missouri. But I want to encourage people to include something different when planning outreach events- try adding a potluck dinner to your event, or a clothing drive, or a toy giveaway for kids. Introduce people to Jesus through your actions.
All for Jesus
Tim B.

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