A Life Without Compromise

In my travels over the past few years, I have witnessed some sad things about some people involved in the ministry. I am reminded of Jesus’ thoughts in Matthew 24, “Watch out that no one deceives you, many will come in my name,” I have seen my share of ministries and ministers that were more concerned with the outward appearance. Jesus to them is just something you throw on like a change of clothes. To some the word Christian is just a belief system with some good moral guidelines.

What hurts me most is to see Jesus’ name used for personal gain and glory. I have seen this in the flourishing Christian market with its colorful authors, musicians, and polished orators. As well as, the “outreach” that some TV preachers try and share with the world, only to end up portraying God as a Genie in a bottle.

I do know and have witnessed those who are bearing good fruit out in the world. These genuine believers are living out the Christian walk in a true way and showing Christ’s love to those around them. I also know that Christ died for us ALL, even with all our sin. I see why Jesus had to endure so much pain. I just hunger for more out of this generation; a rise of gospel revolutionaries that live the messy Christian life that the apostle Paul talked about.

My outward package is a long-haired know-nothing skateboarder that no one expects to do much more than entertain. The end result is God getting the glory because He chooses a person without worldly credentials to lift up his name and share the Good News. This message is reaching young and old alike and drawing them to lives of repentance and service.

Please pray for Liz and I as we seek to live a life without compromise.

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