Lethbridge, Canada


Here is a pic backstage after the conference I did in Lethbridge, Alberta. I woke up this morning feeling sick, lacked sleep, etc. I felt like just staying in bed, but I knew it was nothing more than another battle for people to know Jesus and hear His truth and how it set me free. There were over a few hundred people and some adults in attendance. I was thankful for the Pastors and staff who invited me out and supplied me with plenty of Redbull and Starbucks and most importantly (PRAYER).
I am now on my way home and then right back out the next day for Grundy, VA.
All for Jesus!
Tim B.

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  1. Tannis

    Awesome picture! I got Tim Byrnes singature and I talked to him!!!!!!!!!!!! And he is an awesome skater!!!!!!~

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