Monday I arrived in Oklahoma City for a 2 day outreach at one church and the 3rd outreach at another church located in Norman. I was here all week and had an amazing time! I met some awesome kids and saw so many give their lives to Jesus. The pastors and staff that flew me in were so giving and caring for my needs and for the pouring out of Gods Spirit upon this community that it made my time so much more enjoyable.

My time here was so blessed and so many God things happened, that to put it in words would be to cheapen what had taken place in reality. I would like to thank Rock Assembly Of God, and  Harvest Church of Norman. To all the skaters who came out and skated with me, you made this trip memorable. For all of you who gave your lives to Jesus Christ, I am so stoked for what God has in store for you, this is only the beginning.

All for Jesus!
Tim B.

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  1. Trey Mack OCFD

    Hey man this is Trey from okc I am thankful that things went well for you while in okc. I have read crazy love you were so right about the book. It has really challenged me to take a look at my walk with the Lord and strive for selling out in ways I would have never thought about. Well I have just got a face book page and hope to converse with you about all the things the Lord is and will do.

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