God is opening so many doors! Liz and I have been so encouraged by all that God is allowing us to do. I have opportunities all the way into next April! We are just so thankful and surprised\humbled ect. We are greatful that God has allowed us to do His work and have a job doing It. This year RYC has scheduled over 40 outreaches for me and this is just early Sept. Please pray for me. Pray for protection from sin. Pray that I would seek God with all that He made me to be.
I need His strength in all I do. This schedule is intense with several events each day.
Thanks for your prayers.
Tim B.
(September Travel)
9th Wilmington, N.C.
11th Wheaton, MO.
15th-16th Shreveport, LA
19th-20th Dallas, TX
26th Lethbridge, Alberta Canada
29th-30th Grundy, VA

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