Stoked for Hermiston, OR!

Hermiston, OR went awesome! We were at a youth center where I was invited to skate and share Jesus. The place was packed, it had a BIG living room kinda feel to it.  I am glad the kids were stoked and listened to me even though I felt like it was not a good speaking night.  I rambled a bit and went back and forth on certain points for about 25 min, LOL.
God used it though and almost half the room came forward to either recommit their lives to Jesus or to receive Jesus.
It was an amazing night to see God move in so many lives, I was also stoked to see a bunch of skaters there as well.

God bless, please keep praying for us.


  1. Michael Paul Albright

    that was just so awesome I felt move by jesus that night thank you so much

  2. Tim

    Awesome Mike, thanks for the encouragement. God is doing awesome things in Hermiston, OR.
    God bless you bro’, stay strong in the Lord.

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