Freedom Experience in Corpus Christi

I am in Corpus Christi TX. seeing God’s spirit pour out on an event that combines local churches to reach out and see the true good news of Jesus come alive in so many hearts.

I was invited to a young adult prison on Nov. 6th where God’s spirit moved and 26 out of 28 surrendered there hearts to Jesus! The cross becomes so real when sin is so visible. Instead of the reminder of, “You are going to drown if you don’t swim”. God used us to throw the lifeline (Jesus) and share his true LOVE and GRACE.

That first night of our FX event we had around 2000 people and a little over 350 decisions to follow Jesus….Praise God!!!!!

Keep praying, we had even more decisions the next night,we had a packed house at around 4000 in attendance! It seemed half the crowd responded to the good news of Jesus…All for the glory of God!

I am writing to encourage all of you. Thank you again for all your prayer support.

All For Jesus!

-Tim B.

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