Skatechurch Alumni (The Bible Project)


Buddy Holly, the famous rock musician, was told by a news reporter that Rock & Roll music only appealed to kids and it was a passing fad. His response was, “They won’t always be kids.”

That is my same response when I’m questioned about our ministry to kids at Skatechurch.

The skaters that fill our skatepark and sit in our white plastic chairs each night will not always be kids. The legacy of Skatechurch started in 1987 and over the years, thousands have given their lives to Jesus and a handful have become pastors, missionaries, prominent church leaders, and influencers.

This month I want to highlight and celebrate our Skatechurch Alumni, Dr. Tim Mackie and Jon Collins, who founded The Bible Project in 2014. These guys started an online ministry on YouTube that teaches all 66 books of the Bible through visual illustrative and narrative formatting. The Bible Project also takes dense Biblical concepts and simplifies them through brilliant visuals and clear communication so that the average person can understand them and have more of a grasp on what it means to follow Jesus. This past month they reached 1 million subscribers on YouTube. Their channel has been viewed more than 77 million times.

Dr. Tim Mackie is a Hebrew scholar who teaches at Western Seminary and Jon Collins has a BA in Biblical studies as well as a prestigious background in brand marketing.

Tim Mackie, was just your average pot smoking teenage skateboarder that sat in our white plastic chairs at Skatechurch back in the mid 90’s. Tim gave his life to Jesus at Skatechurch one night and the rest is history.

While in Bible College Tim was on staff at Skatechurch where he met Jon Collins who was also on our staff. Today these guys are impacting millions of lives and God is continuing to use their stories for His eternal glory and purpose. It’s testimonies like these that God uses to keep us going at Skatechurch. Most churches I visit and pastors I meet use The Bible Project in some capacity in their ministry.

Please pray for these guys and go check out The Bible Project when you get the chance.

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