Outreach in Toledo, Oregon

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I had the privilege this past weekend to partner up with a couple of my favorite Pastors and friends to go share the Gospel and spread the love of Jesus at a festival in Toledo, OR.
The Lord moved mightily in this humble effort, and we not only witnessed people committing their lives to Christ, but also healings and encouraging words as we were led to pray for individuals.

Check out the pic of my friend Alpha and read the shirt. That man along with Pastor Tray planted a church in one of the roughest crime stricken areas in our city. The Church is just a few exits down from Skatechurch in an area known here as “felony flats”. Both these guys are family men that work 2 jobs and run businesses so that they can keep doing what they feel called to do in the hood. I’m honored and blessed to serve in the same area as these guys and to call them friends and brothers.
This crew is the real deal and will go anywhere to share and shine the love of Christ. Thank you for praying and supporting our ministry.

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